Fantasy Football: Start’em / Sit’em Recap

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Top 5 Sits:

QB – Colin Kaepernick, 49ers

Only surpassed his projected point total in two games this season. For some reason both Yahoo and fantasy owners kept expecting Kaepernick to bounce back, but it never happened. He’s a great athlete, but just not that good of a QB.

Honorable mention – Cam Newton

Similar to Kaepernick in that his projections were based on previous success and that he only had 2 games all season where he put up more fantasy points than projected.

RB – Bishop Sankey, Titans

As the 1st rookie RB drafted, much was expected of Sankey and it was reflected in his weekly projected points. Once opening day starter Shonn Greene went down, everyone thought Sankey would finally break out (I even traded Frank Gore for him in one league). Instead Sankey failed to crack 10 points in all but 1 game this season and eventually lost his starting job to Shonn Greene, one of the worst starting RBs in football. Despite being projected for over 10 points almost every week, Sankey only averaged 6.4 fantasy points per game on the season.

Honorable mention – Trent Richardson, Colts

T-Rich has been on my Sit’em list every week this season because he sucks. The Colts keep giving him the ball because GM Ryan Grigson wants to try and salvage some value from his trade of a 1st round pick for Richardson, but T-Rich still could only average 7.5 fantasy points per game despite being projected for over 10 in all but 1 week this season.

WR – Michael Crabtree, 49ers

When Richard Sherman called Crabtree mediocre at best, who knew that he was giving Crabtree more credit than he deserved. After starting out the season with over 20 fantasy points in 2 of 3 games, Crabtree only reached his projected point total in 2 of 12 games the rest of the way and finished the season averaging just 8 fantasy points per game.

Honorable mention – Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals

The former top 5 fantasy WR has fallen far to a barely own-able fantasy asset in just two seasons. Bad QB play was part of the issue, but Fitz struggled when Carson Palmer was healthy as well. For the season Fitz averaged just 8 points per game and missed his projected point total in all but 3 games.

TE – Vernon Davis, 49ers

Yet another Niner and possibly the most disappointing one. Davis went from being an annual top 5 TE to being the 32nd ranked fantasy TE this year. Davis didn’t have more than 44 receiving yards in any game this season and averaged just 3.4 fantasy points per week.