A Fan’s Take on Chicago Bears Loss to Vikings


Dec 28, 2014; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman and Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer shake hands after the game at TCF Bank Stadium. The Vikings win 13-9. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sport

GM Phil Emery gone.

10 minutes later HC Marc Trestman gone. Fired, that is.

I postponed writing this because I wanted to wait until after the firings. Black Monday. Commencement of the Annual Purge.

Whatever you want to call it.

Marc Trestman seems like a nice guy. I’m sure he is still welcome in Canada, where he does very well.

Phil Emery used to work as a team scout, maybe he can go back to that.

Not our problem.

We are fans of a team that needs to repair itself. To restore the proud tradition of Bears defense, running the football and most importantly, winning.

Watching the Chicago Bears this season has been like watching a terrible movie that everybody said was awesome. You keep waiting for it to become good, but it doesn’t. You try to view it more “open-minded,” but no amount of understanding or compassion allows you to enjoy it.

You just want it to be over. You want to watch it until the end to eliminate any doubt about this, so you know that you won’t be confused enough to ever want to go through it again.

You are jubilant when you see the end credits.

Anyway, we live, we learn.

Last season we were given a shiny new car with a POS engine. No matter how much you buff it with a chamois, it’s still a POS.

I am not mad about the Chicago Bears loss yesterday at the Vikings. I wanted it. I have never wanted the Bears to lose. We looked pretty lifeless, as we have in other games this year. It’s hard to discern whether they were tanking for a good draft pick, or they just suck that bad. We draft 7th in 2015.

We need some player changes as well. Is it just me, or did the team step it up for Jimmy Clausen against the Lions? Never the less, the result was still a measly 14 points.

I hope the new coach can get in Jay Cutler’s face and hold him accountable since he is most likely not going anywhere.

Jay, I’m not saying you have to smile like Vanna White, but since you got a contract for much more than you deserve, please try and act like you want to be there. You’re married and have two kids. You should know how to do that.

I will up date this post if there are further developments.

I look forward to all the new changes and hope our team gets back to the top of our division.

Happy New Year!