NFL Draft: Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

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QB Trevone Boykin, JR # (6’2 | 208 | 4.57)

Scouting report – The former RB then WR is only in his 2nd year as a QB for TCU and has gotten NFL scouts attention with 30 TDs and just 7 interceptions in one of the best offenses in college football. It hasn’t been a great year for mobile QBs in the NFL (outside of Seattle) but that doesn’t mean teams will stop trying to find dual-threats at the position. If Boykin declares for the draft, his intriguing mix of arm strength and foot speed should make him one of the first 5 QBs drafted. He’s only played QB for 2 seasons, so he’s basically a blank slate with all the tools needed for success. His mechanics were understandably sloppy at times, but he improved significantly in his 2nd year at QB. Boykin has NFL starter potential and I can’t see him lasting past day 2 if he declares for the draft.

Projection: 2nd-3rd round

ILB Paul Dawson, SR #47 (6’2 | 230 | 4.76)

Scouting report – Instinctive run-stopper with good length, closing burst, and tackling technique. Dawson is the leader of the TCU defense and a solid all-around LB prospect. He rarely makes the wrong read when diagnosing plays which makes up for his lack of elite straight-line speed, has a knack for shedding blockers, and is solid in zone coverage when the play is in front of him. Dawson struggles a bit when he has to turn his back to the ball and run with receivers. He has improved in coverage over the last two years, so there is hope he won’t be a liability at the next level. Overall Dawson projects to be a sideline-to-sideline run stopper, with good instincts, leadership potential and if he improves his fluidity in coverage, a 3-down MLB with Pro Bowl potential.

Projection: 2nd-3rd round

DT Chuckie Hunter, SR #96 (6’1 | 305 | 5.12)

Scouting report – Workout warrior with elite strength inside and a fairly quick first step. Hunter has been a force against the run for 3 years as a starter with the Horned Frogs. He hasn’t racked up a big sack totals with just 8 in 30+ starts, but has been consistently disruptive in the backfield. Hunter has a non-stop motor, is a leader on and off the field, and has good feet for his size. His lack of sacks is due mainly to a problem shedding blockers, but he has a good punch so with some coaching could become a force inside.

Projection: 4th-5th round

CB Kevin White, SR #25 (5’10 | 174 | 4.52)

Scouting report – Was one of the only corners to shut down West Virginia’s Kevin White this season (3 catches, 28 yards) and regularly covered the opposition’s best receiver. He doesn’t have the size or strength to play outside in the NFL, but could be a solid slot corner.

Projection: 4th-5th round

S Sam Carter, SR #17 (6’1 | 215 | 4.63)

Scouting report – Former QB who has only played safety for three seasons. Carter took to the position quickly with 13 interceptions in his career so far. He’s shown NFL coverage ability, making good reads and tracking the ball naturally. Excels as a rover in the deep half of the secondary. Carter’s main knock is his tackling ability. He’s not aggressive in run support and his sloppy technique leads to too many missed tackles. With the NFL becoming more of a passing league, teams can’t get enough defensive backs with coverage skills which should lead to Carter getting drafted sometime on day 3. If he can improve his tackling, Carter has the potential to develop into a starting free safety.

Projection: 6th-7th round