I Have a Bad Feeling about the Chicago Bears Coaching Search

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

3. No Experience Necessary

I’m sure that Dan Quinn and Adam Gase are terrific football men and one or both may be great head coaches.  One of my top criteria for the next Chicago Bears head coaches is to find someone who’s done it before in the NFL.  Don’t roll some obscure CFL coach or some “hot” coordinator and make the next head coach.  The Chicago Bears locker room is in shambles.  The Bears need someone who knows how to run a locker room.  They need an experienced head coach with a strong personality to take charge and put the players in line. That means putting Cutler and Marshall back into the proper pecking order.

The Bears have hired a head coach with previous NFL head coaching experience just once.  ONCE!  The last several coaches they’ve brought in were coordinators that were getting their first head coaching job.  Why is the charter franchise of the NFL the training ground for head coaches?  Shouldn’t they be breaking in guys in like Jacksonville and the Bears be bringing in experienced, strong head coaches?

While the Bears are interviewing Gase and Quinn, they’re passing on the opportunity to talk to Broncos defensive coordinator Jack del Rio, who I think would be an excellent head coach for the Bears.  Del Rio played for a few years for the Vikings and knows the black and blue division’s style of football.  He had mild success in Jacksonville for an organization that wasn’t set up to win.  Why isn’t he on the list?  Oh, he’s done it before and might actually ruffle a few feathers at Halas Hall.