I Have a Bad Feeling about the Chicago Bears Coaching Search

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Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

2. Putting the Cart Before the Horse

I understand why they’re interviewing Gase and Quinn this weekend, as it could be their last chance to talk to them for the next few weeks, but I don’t like the idea of hiring a head coach before a GM is in place.  It doesn’t make sense if we’re to believe in the structure the Bears claim they have – head coach reports to GM, GM reports to Phillips.

The GM should be identified and he should be conducting the interviews.  It’s imperative that the GM and head coach are aligned philosophically.  Any GM candidate worth a damn would turn the Bears down if they bring a head coach in and expect the GM to deal with it.

I thought it was a good move to get rid of Emery and Trestman together to get everyone on the same timeline.  I didn’t think that Emery did a horrible job except that he hired Trestman and gave Jay Cutler a boatload of money.  The two most important decisions that a GM could make were big misses, so Emery had to be held accountable.  More importantly, you weren’t going to have a lame duck GM hiring a head coach.  That situation would have thinned the pool of candidates.  If a head coach is brought in before a GM is in place and if the GM doesn’t make the final decision on the head coach, it’s a big mistake.