Should The Bears Move In on John Fox?


Twenty-four hours after losing to the Colts in the second round of playoffs at home, Head Coach John Fox and the Denver Broncos have agreed to part ways thus adding one of the NFL’s premier coaches to the open market. Whether or not John Fox desires to continue coaching has yet to be seen, but if he is now available the Bears front office must do everything in their power to bring the former AFC and NFC champion to Chicago.

Head Coaching Record

With a head coaching record of (119-89) Fox easily becomes the most experienced and distinguished coach looking for a job. Though the Bears are reportedly interested in Gary Kubiak, at (61-64) Kubiak’s coaching record hardly compares to Fox’s, especially considering that Fox has been successful leading two different franchises. After swinging and missing on an unseasoned coach last time, finding a Head Coach with proven record and more experience should be a top priority for Chicago this time around.


Whether he’s coaching the Panthers or Broncos, players have liked John Fox no matter the city. After the turmoil Chicago faced at the end of 2014, the Bears need a sturdy coach who both players and the front office respects.

Post Season Success 

Far more enticing than his impressive career record is the fact that John Fox has taken two different franchises, both in different conferences, to the Super Bowl, a feat only five other coaches have accomplished in NFL history. The 2003 Carolina Panthers led by former undrafted free agent Jake Delhomme, were built on a dominant run game and defense. Whereas, the 2013 Denver Broncos led by Peyton Manning, featured one of the most prolific passing attacks in NFL history. He has proven he can build a team from the ground-up and get them to the Super Bowl, something no other coach on the open market can claim.

Verdict: The Bears need to make a splash with their next coaching hire and John Fox is cannonball.