Super Bowl XLIX Planning: Step 1 – Invites and Decor


NFL themed Super Bowl from Party City

The Super Bowl celebrates football culminating in a serious game matching the best two teams in the NFL. Regardless of which two teams are in this bowl, a party is a must, and yes, that includes those of us in Chicago whom are already looking forward to next season. There are few items one must do to prepare. This week’s post focuses on the planning with invitations and decorations.


When developing an invitation, in particular with today’s use of technology, why go the traditional route of mailing an invite when evites are cheaper (some are free), are practically instant (no waiting for the USPS), and everyone can see who is invited and going without bothering the host or hostess.

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One site I found that can help you organize your bash is After signing up, for free, you start with 25 coins in your account, which can be used if you find a design that costs money or if you want to go the traditional route of having printed invites. I found several Super Bowl options that are free.


Once you have found a design you like, clink on an element, like a text box, and edit the content. You have a choice of fonts. I would suggest using two different fonts, as the most, and keep the wording minimal.

This site allows you to use custom text, or if you are at a loss for words, they do have templates for you to use. Once your invitation is final, you can determine your RSVP options, and complete the rest of information on the event from including a map to your place, developing a guest list (that can be important from your contact list), and the number of guests per invitation (you can include a maximum number of guests for your party).


Since our team is not in the Super Bowl, I would suggest staying neutral by sticking to the NFL’s Super Bowl XLIX theme of party wear. If you do favor one team over the other, or want to add some color, then use the team colors of the competing teams.

What makes a complete setting would be incorporating natural elements from football. So think green grass, a football, the lines on the field and goal posts. Here are some ideas on how to set-up your buffet, which is the best way to serve food at an event like this:

For the table cover, you could go to the local hardware and pick-up some indoor/outdoor carpet. I have found an actual tablecloth that is a picture of grass. You will need to get a roll of medium-width white tape to then mark off the various field yard lines.

From Hillshire Farms via Pinterest

For silverware, real or plastic, decorate a few clean, empty cans with brown construction paper. Then, using white tape, create the laces of a football.

For napkins, I would suggest using mustard yellow paper ones that look like the penalty flags used by the referees. These could go into a bucket marked “flags” or “penalty flags” for fun.

For the garbage, you could use white tubing shaped like a goal post that can be tapped to the can or set-up in front of the can, depending on how elaborate you want your goal post.

Remember that the Super Bowl provides an excellent reason to bring food and football together one more time until the new season starts in August, if you are counting the pre-season games. So take advantage of this one last hurrah and get your game plan started now. Next week, I’ll talk about ideas for the buffet.

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