John Fox Introduced as Chicago Bears Head Coach


Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

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The John Fox introductory press conference was short and sweet.  Ryan Pace was brief in his remarks and handed it off to John Fox.  Fox made a short statement, said his “thank you’s” and jumped right in to face questions.  It was a polar opposite to a Phil Emery press conference.  Emery would still be talking about a dusty car or riding into an oil patch.  The Chicago Bears organization won the press conference by keeping it simple and keeping it to football.  We’ve had the wordy, nerdy press conferences.  Ryan Pace and John Fox were about the basics of football.

Let’s look at some of the highlights of the press conference:

Pace led off, calling Fox a “game changer.”

Part of Fox’s opening statement:

Fox on Cutler:

Should have followed up with his definition of an “elite” quarterback.  Phil Emery called Cutler “elite” since he had a winning record.

How’s that for a non-committed answer out there.  I hope Jay is renting month to month.

Fox is eager to get #humantalent into the building.

Fox on filling out his staff:

John Fox on his style:

Fox also said he is skipping the Senior Bowl to focus on filling out his coaching staff.  He has met with and/or spoken to all of the holdovers from the Marc Trestman era.  He noted that there are good coaches in the building, but he needs to get to know everyone.

Fox came across as confident but certainly not arrogant.  He looked like he’d been there before, very at ease addressing the media.  He knows it’s not going to be an easy job:

What did you think of the presser?  What was your first impression of John Fox?  What are your expectations for the Bears under Fox?