Grading New Chicago Bears Coaching Staff

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Defensive Coordinator: Vic Fangio  

When it’s all said and done, Fangio may be the best coach the Bears’ have signed this week. His time with San Francisco began by transforming what was a middle-of -the-pack defense into an elite squad. Aldon Smith’s immediate success and NaVarro Bowman’s rise as an elite linebacker are both results of Vic Fangio’s tutelage. San Francisco’s play from 2011-2013 alone should be enough for any team to want Fangio. In fact, the only problem with this signing that I really see is how/if Fangio will transition into a 46 Defense. 

The Chicago Bears are the only team in the NFL to never use a 3-4 Defense as its base defense. Never once, and it’s 2015. With Fangio now calling plays, it’s unlikely this stat will stay true past 2015. As Mike Flannery wrote earlier this week, Fangio uses multiple defensive formations with a 3-4 as the base, a strategy that should be welcomed in Chicago. With the way they’ve played as of late, dramatic changes are necessary for the Bears D. 

Grade: A-