Super Bowl XLIX Planning: Step 2 – Menu

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From BuzzFeed by Peggy Wang

When planning any event, a host or hostess must determine the manner in which people will be eating. Regarding an event like the Super Bowl, there should be no set “dinner” time; this game goes on for three to four hours, not including any pre-game or post-game coverage, which you need to decide if you wish to include this part in your event that night.

Keeping the length of the main event in mind, a menu that can be kept warm in a slow cooker or at room temperature is the way to serve food so the guests can serve themselves whenever they want to eat. I have organized these items into categories and have given several variations depending on how large your crowd is and even how much food you want to make yourself, or better yet, assign your guests to bring over one of these items if they wish to help you. (Remember, I commented on this point back for Thanksgiving.)

Drink Options:

A.     Beer and Soda: Use a flavorful lager beer, a lemon-lime soda, the juices of one lime, one lemon, and one orange. Serve with ice.

From BuzzFeed by Peggy Wang

B.     Jell-O shots

C.     Super Bowl punch: vodka, beer, limeaid, club soda

D.    Non-alcoholic punch: 1 can orange juice concentrate (thawed), 1 can pineapple juice (well-chilled), 1 2-liter container of lemon-lime soda (well-chilled), 1 container of raspberry (or orange or pineapple) sherbet. Pour the first three ingredients into a punch bowl. Scoop out the sherbet into the punch.