Super Bowl XLIX Planning: Step 2 – Menu

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From Food Network

Finger Foods Options:

From Food Network

Serving a dip at a party is always a good idea; make sure to include a serving spoon to discourage double dipping into the serving bowl.  I came across three outstanding dips that would satisfy any Super Bowl crowd. There’s one that takes care of any cheeseburger cravings, one that is filled with hot dogs and even one that bring home the classic Ruben. What’s even better is that you can prepare these dips the day before and serve them chilled game day.

A. Nine-layer Cheeseburger Dip

B. Ten-layer Chicago dip 

C. Five-layer Ruben dip

From Food Network

Potato skins:

A few years ago, Food Network developed 32 varieties of potato skins for each of the NFL teams. I love this idea, and have selected the top three that would complement this menu well. One is topped like a nacho, one has the flavors of hot wings and the third includes chili. Even though these three recipes’ teams are not in the Super Bowl, you may want to check out the recipes for the teams that are.

Southwestern nacho potato skins – for the Arizona Cardinals

Hot wings potato skins –  for the Buffalo Bills

Five-way Chili potato skins – for the Cincinnati Bengals

From The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond

Main Dish: Italian drip beef

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, is one of my favorite home-cook bloggers. She includes step-by-step instructions with pictures for each and every recipe that she posts on her site and even in each of her three cookbooks. What I love about this dish is that it serves an army with just a few ingredients, simple preparation and time. If you don’t care to follow the detailed directions, just scroll to immediately to the bottom where you’ll find the recipe.

From Ree Drummond as posted on Food Network

Side Dishes:

Creamy rosemary potatoes

I felt that these potatoes would complement the beef sandwiches well, in addition to just hanging out in the oven while the cook watches the game until it is time to serve them. If you are not planning on serving the main course until the end of the first half, around the half time show, then this would work to help absorb the alcohol consumed during the first part of the game.

From Ree Drummond as posted on Food Network

Cowboy bacon beans

The same idea of the potatoes continues now with beans, except these take much longer, about 4 hours to prepare. But the ease and simplicity of the preparation is still the same. Both provide a much needed comfort to your guests on such a wintery day, even though I’m sure the weather will be perfect in Arizona.