Which Chicago Bears are a good fit for Vic Fangio’s scheme?

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Inside Linebacker: Patrick Willis (6’1, 242), NaVorro Bowman (6’0, 242), Michael Wilhoite (6’0, 240), Chris Borland (5’11, 248)

Good fit

Jon Bostic (6’1, 245):  The Bears moved Bostic all over the place this year playing him at all three LB positions. I think it hurt his development, but they finally decided to put him at MLB for the last three weeks of the season and his play improved significantly. In college Bostic played ILB in a 3-4, so he could be more comfortable if the Bears switch to Fangio’s old scheme. One potential issue could be in coverage; Fangio’s ILBs in San Fran were tasked with covering TEs and RBs out of the backfield. Bostic has had some issues in coverage with the Bears but mostly in zone schemes. Bostic always seemed to be too shallow or too deep in his zone drops. In Fangio’s scheme his coverage responsibilities would be primarily man coverage which Bostic has been decent at so far in his young career.  I think putting Bostic in Fangio’s hybrid 3-4 would simplify his job description and let him play to his strengths.  He has above average athleticism and could still develop into the hard-hitting play-maker the Bears thought they were getting when they drafted him in the 2nd round of the 2013 draft.


Christian Jones (6’3, 240): Showed the versatility to play any OLB spot last year, but is a better fit outside. The Bears lack of talent at ILB may tempt them to move Jones inside, but I think he could be special as an OLB in Fangio’s scheme so I hope they leave him there and let him develop.

DeDe Lattimore (6’1, 237): Similar to Bostic in that he struggles in coverage, but is a serious hitter who could thrive in a 3-4 scheme. Lattimore isn’t as fast or athletic as Bostic so he may be limited to early downs, but he could add some much needed toughness to the middle of the Bears defense on obvious run downs.