What are the Chances The Eagles Trade Up for Mariota?


With the draft still three months away, there’s a lot of speculation right now as to what the pecking order is for this year’s prospects. Is Heisman-trophy winner Marcus Mariota the consensus number one after a 42 touchdown four interception season? Or, do some teams prefer the heavily-criticized, yet undeniably talented quarterback out of FSU, 2013 Heisman-Trophy winner Jameis Winston? One coach that surely won’t have trouble deciding between the two is the man that recruited Mariota to the University of Oregon, Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly.

While the two seem a destined pair after the Eagles were a quarterback short all season in 2014,  their late position in the draft makes a move up virtually impossible. The Redskins dealt three first round picks and a third round pick just to move up from pick four to pick two to draft RGIII back in 2012. I imagine for Philadelphia to move up from pick 20 would cost just as much, even if Mariota isn’t quite the prospect Griffin was. While Nick Foles remains a valuable trading piece for the team, unless Mariota falls in the draft it seems highly unlikely that a team even as talented as the Eagles would want to give away so many first rounders for one player.

However, speculation on the matter continues.