Chicago Bears Free Agent Options: D-Line

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

My Recommendation:

As tempting as it would be to sign Ndamukong Suh, the Bears have too many holes on their roster to sink all of their cap space into one player, even one as dominant as Suh. Instead the Bears would be better off spreading their resources among a few players to give them depth at multiple positions and a starter at the 5-tech DE.

DE Jared Odrick ($5-$6 M per season)

DE/DT Alex Carrington ($2-$3 M per season)

Odrick would be the starting 5-tech RE, giving the Bears a solid run stopper who generates occasional pressure on the QB. If Carrington can get back to his 2012 form, he could give the Bears a dynamic pass rusher from the LE 3-tech position and would also give the Bears a back-up for Odrick at the RE position. Both signings would allow the Bears to give Lamarr Houston enough time to recover from his injury and by the 2nd half of the season would give the Bears a solid rotation of versatile D-lineman who are all solid vs both the run and pass.