Chicago Bears: The Next Chapter


Jan 19, 2015; Lake Forest, IL, USA; New Chicago Bears head coach John Fox (R) and wife Robin L) pose for a photo after the press conference at Mugs Halas Auditorium. Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

After watching my Ohio State Buckeyes win the first ever “real” National Championship of college football, I asked myself…………….

When are the Chicago Bears going to win the Super Bowl again?

Will it be in my lifetime?

Will it happen in my son’s lifetime?

As the Super Bowl passes us, with the Patriots winning the big one, I ask myself………..

When is it going to be our turn?

Everyone gets a turn right?

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No, that’s not the case. The draft and the salary cap were supposed to even things up. Nope.

Some teams draft better. Some teams spend better. They get better players on the second and third days than others get on the first.

Coaching is an area the Chicago Bears have been suffering. Lovie Smith got us to the Super Bowl again, but we just couldn’t win.

First of all, to get to the dance, you have to make the playoffs. You do that by winning more than the other guys. Then you have to keep winning against other teams that won a lot too.

Some teams draft guys that have potential, and then develop them into producers. Green Bay Packers do this very well.

To win our division right now, you have to be better than them, period.

There is order in a winning locker room. If it’s done right, nobody should feel that they are being controlled. Each player feels as though they are an important part of a machine that only works if each part is doing their job. Chicago needs that.

Chicago Bear fans deserve better. We should at least be competitive every season. What do you think Bill Belichick could do with our talent on offense? Defense needs some work, but he probably would cut anyone that even looked like they were headed towards dissent. Subsequently, we probably would have won last night.

I like the changes on our staff for the most part, especially Vic Fangio.

The first thing I thought about when they hired John Fox as head coach was how he had his team totally unprepared for the Super Bowl last year. Then he started hiring a bunch of his old staff from the Broncos. It reminded me of Lovie Smith.

I guess what I’m saying is, I am having bridled  enthusiasm about the future of our beloved.

It looks like they have made a lot of great changes. I also thought we were primed for a championship season in ’14, so what does anyone know right now? Nada.

We will see I guess.

P.S. Did anyone see Brandon Marshall at the Super Bowl sitting in a box seat talking to Roger Goodell? What was that about?

P.S II Marc Trestman has now been dethroned on the title “worst play caller ever.” Congratulations.