2015 NFL Draft Rankings: Guard

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Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

13.) Mark Glowinski, West Virginia (6’5 | 312 | 5.17)

Scouting report – Former tackle who has quick feet, a strong punch, power in the run game, and a good motor. Glowinski is underrated for some reason, but looks like a solid NFL guard prospect to me. He has a tendency to fire out too high which negates some of his power in the run game and occasionally is too passive in pass pro allowing blockers to come to him, but both issues are fixable.

Projection: 5th-6th round

14.) Jamon Brown, Louisville (6’5 | 350 | 5.44)

Scouting report –  Large man who flashes dominant run blocking potential but lacks the agility to handle NFL speed rushers. Brown’s best bet is a move inside to guard where he’s protected on both sides and can focus on using his strength to maul opponents. Good potential for a day 3 pick.

Projection: 5th-6th round

15.) Miles Dieffenbach, Penn St (6’3 | 303 | 5.29)

Scouting report – Tough, gritty interior lineman who has started 29 games for Penn St but missed most of 2014. Dieffenbach has the strength, technique, and toughness to be one of those guards who end up in the league for 8-10 years. A torn ACL in 2014 will probably drop Dieffenback a round or two lower than he deserves.

Projection: 5th-6th round

16.) Bobby Hart, Florida St (6’4 | 320 | 5.46)

Scouting report – Only 20 years old, so is far from a finished product. His technique needs plenty of work, but he occasionally flashes NFL quality skills. He played right tackle this season, but is a much better fit at guard in the NFL. Hart has shown the ability to dominate in the run game, and occasionally stoned quality pass rushers as well. He has NFL size and there are a lot of tools to work with for an NFL coaching staff. By the time he is 23-24, Hart could be a solid NFL guard.

Projection: 6th-7th round

17.) Adam Shead, Oklahoma (6’4 | 339 | 5.34)

Scouting report – Three year starter who has been a consistent run-blocker for the Sooners. Shead has good technique in both run and pass blocking and a good anchor. Solid all around player with no notable flaws, but a lack of athleticism limits his upside.

Projection: 4th-5th round

18.) Kyle Costigan, Wisconsin (6’4 | 315 | 5.22)

Scouting report – He hasn’t gotten much love from scouts, but Costigan moves very well for his size with the ability to get to the 2nd level easily, gets good push in the run game, and anchors well in pass pro. Wisconsin lineman are stereotyped as big lumbering run blockers who aren’t great NFL prospects, but Costigan is more agile than the prototype Badger lineman. When healthy Costigan has NFL athleticism and has the potential to be a starter in the league.

Projection: 6th-7th round

19.) Tyler Moore, Florida (6’5 | 325 | 5.18)

Scouting report – Early entry into the draft, but should have stayed in Florida for another season. The Gators moved Moore all over the line, playing him at both left and right tackle as a sophomore before moving him to guard as a junior. He moves well for his size and uses his hands effectively. Moore was inconsistent, but did flash NFL ability and has potential. If a team is patient with Moore and lets him stick at one position for a season to two, he could end up being a steal on day 3.

Projection: 6th-7th round

20.) Torrian Wilson, UCF (6’3 | 316 | 5.28)

Scouting report – Thick bodied guard who played well at left tackle protecting Blake Bortles for two seasons before moving to guard as a senior. Wilson is a powerful run blocker who  struggles when asked to move outside his gap, but is a solid phone-booth blocker in both run and pass blocking. He has a good burst off the line and also anchors well in pass pro. At the Medal of Honor Bowl Wilson was the best interior lineman on the field, dominating in both run and pass drills. I think Wilson is one of the more underrated guards in the draft.

Projection: 7th round – UFA

21.) Kaleb Johnson, Rutgers (6’4 | 300 | 5.23)

Scouting report – Versatile lineman who has made 47 starts at three different positions on the line (LT, RT, LG) and performed pretty well at all of them. Johnson has NFL size and his ability to play multiple positions will improve his value to NFL teams. Johnson considered leaving for the pros after last season, but only got a day 3 grade. Johnson wasn’t quite as dominant in BIG10 play this year, so his draft grade likely hasn’t changed much.

Projection: 7th round – UFA

22.) Mitchell Bell, Louisiana Tech (6’2 |348 | 5.48)

Scouting report – One of my favorite sleeper o-linemen but didn’t make much of an impact in the NFLPA Bowl except for one play where he pulled his massive frame out in front of the RB and crushed a LB on the 2nd level. Plays like that make me think Bell has a shot to develop into a legit NFL guard. The size and talent are there for Bell to be a beast at RG, but he needs to improve his technique and conditioning. If Bell focuses on development and managing his weight the potential is there to become a mauling run blocker.

Projection: 7th round – UFA

23.) Jon Feliciano, Miami (6’4 | 320 | 5.30)

Scouting report – Hard worker with good power in the run game. He lacks NFL athleticism and doesn’t move very well, but won more phone-booth battles than he lost. Feliciano also has experience at right tackle and enough size to be a backup there at the next level. His versatility, strength and motor could get Feliciano drafted on day 3.

Projection: 7th round – UFA

24.) Quentin Spain, West Virginia (6’4 | 332 | 5.36)

Scouting report – Has NFL size and occasionally uses it to maul defenders in the run game, but his technique is inconsistent. Has enough athleticism that some team could take a chance on his potential with a day 3 pick, but Spain needs a lot of work before he can contribute at the next level. If he ends up with a good O-line coach he could eventually develop into a useful guard.

Projection: 7th round – UFA