2015 NFL Draft Rankings: Offensive Tackle

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

19.) Trenton Brown, Florida (6’9 | 376 | 5.48)

Scouting report – Those measurements aren’t a misprint, Brown is a huge dude. He uses his size well in the run game, mauling anyone that gets in his way. Brown is so big that he is an obstacle in pass pro as well with a wide base and very long arms. The main problem with Brown is his reliability, he played in less then 50% of Florida’s offensive snaps due to stamina issues. There are also some questions about his dedication to the game. If were ever to get down to the 340-350 range, Brown could be a beast. Some teams may be looking to move him to guard to take advantage of his elite run blocking power.

Draft grade: 5th round

20.) Eric Lefeld, Cincinnati (6’5 | 309 | 5.06)

Scouting report – Played well at both right and left tackle for the Bearcats in his college career. Lefeld has very good footwork in pass pro; His kickout is quick and smooth and Lefeld did a good job keeping Gunner Kiel clean his senior year. As a junior Lefeld struggled against future NFL draft picks Kareem Martin (NC) and Marcus Smith (LOU), but was more consistent his senior season. Lefeld has enough tools that he could develop into a starting tackle in the NFL, probably on the right side, but he does have some warts as well. He isn’t very aggressive as a run blocker, he needs to get stronger, and his hand technique needs to improve. Despite some flaws, his potential as a pass blocker will be enough to get him drafted at some point on day 3.

Draft grade: 5th-6th round

21.) Laurence Gibson, Virginia Tech (6’6 | 297 | 4.96)

Scouting report – A surprise combine invite who is generating some buzz due to quick feet and unusual lateral quickness for an O-lineman. Gibson’s pass blocking skills could earn him a spot on day 3 of the draft, but he will have to get considerably stronger to be effective at the NFL level.

Draft grade: 5th-6th round

22.) Brett Boyko, UNLV (6’7 | 310 | 5.27)

Scouting report – A former QB in high school, Boyko combines good length and long arms with quick feet and solid technique in pass pro. He only gave up 1 sack last season and has the potential to become a good pass blocker at the next level. The reason Boyko is so far down on this list is that he needs to get much stronger. At only 310 pounds with a thin frame, Boyko will struggle with bull-rushes in the NFL and won’t have much value in the run game. After a year or two in an NFL strength program Boyko could develop into a decent left tackle.

Draft grade: 6th round

23.) Sean Hickey, Syracuse (6’6 | 308 | 5.15)

Scouting report – Productive tackle who got it done despite suspect technique and a lack of NFL athleticism. Hickey is a pretty solid run blocker, but struggles in pass pro due to poor hand placement, bad footwork, and overall sloppy technique. His struggles in pass pro could force a move inside to guard, but Hickey could be a decent back-up at either position if he improves his technique.

Draft grade: 6th-7th round

24.) Mitch Morse, Missouri (6’6 | 308 | 5.29)

Scouting report – Versatile lineman who could play RT, G, or C at the next level. Morse doesn’t have elite athleticism or movement skills, but has good strength and can win phone booth battles. Morse has a strong punch in pass pro and seals well in the run game. He will struggle with speed rushers which may lead to a move inside at some point, but his versatility and strength should earn him a spot on a roster as a backup lineman.

Draft grade: 6th-7th round