Chicago Bears Free Agent Options: Tight End

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Jordan Cameron – 26, Browns (6’5 | 254): Had a breakout season with the Browns in 2013 (80, 917, 7). Cameron struggled with both injuries and production though in 2014. He missed seven games last year (and 2 in 2013) and had only 24 catches in the 9 games he did play. It’s hard to blame Cameron for a lack of production when the QB play for the Browns was atrocious during the second half of the season. Cameron is an elite athlete at the TE position with speed after the catch, the ability to high-point the football, and a willingness to block on running plays. His price tag is a question mark; If Cameron is looking to be paid based on his 2013 production, then it’s probably not worth the Bears time. If he is looking to be compensated in the $3M-$4M range, then it may make sense for the Bears. They could run some dangerous 2-TE sets with both Bennett and Cameron in the lineup. It’s a long shot, but Cameron is the clear-cut #2 TE on the market.

Charles Clay – 26 (6’3 | 245): Doesn’t have the athletic upside of Thomas or Cameron, but he’s no stiff. Clay was hampered by a knee injury last season which limited his effectiveness, but still managed to be productive (58, 605, 3) in his second season as a starter. I’m not sure Clay would be willing to be a TE2, but if there are no starting gigs available, he is the ideal H-back / Move-TE the Bears have been lacking the last few seasons.


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Virgil Green – 27, Broncos (6’3 | 249): The Broncos are high on Green’s potential, but whether he comes back to Denver or not will depend on what they do with Julius Thomas. If the Broncos find a way to bring Thomas back, the Green will most likely hit the market. If they let Thomas go, then they will almost certainly bring back Green.

Bears HC John Fox and OC Adam Gase are both very familiar with Green and it’s possible the Bears would be interested if he’s available. Green is an athletic H-back type who has become a solid run blocker over the last few seasons. Green took over for the injured Julius Thomas late last season and the Broncos run game improved significantly as a result. With Fox and Gase looking to install a power run scheme for the Bears, a mauling run blocker like Green, who is nicknamed Hulk, makes a lot of sense. From what I read in the Denver papers, Green is considered a strong locker room presence as well, who is well liked by his teammates and has a good work ethic. Sounds like just what the Bears need to me.

Niles Paul – 26, Redskins (6’1 | 224): The Bears have been looking for an H-back TE the last few seasons and Paul is one of the better ones available in an affordable price range. Paul had over 60 receiving yards in each of the first four games this season while starting TE Jordan Reed was hurt, but his playing time and production tailed off as the season went on. He’s small for a TE (6’1, 241) but has great speed (4.51), reliable hands and is a better blocker than expected for his size. The Bears could bring back Zach Miller as their H-back, but his injury history might force the Bears to look elsewhere.


Lance Kendricks – 27, Rams (6’4 | 241): Another move-TE who fits in the backup role behind Martellus Bennett. Kendricks does a good job getting open on short routes but also has the speed and athleticism to get deep down the seem. He has good hands and could be a solid check-down receiver with the ability for more. Kendricks’ blocking isn’t great, but it’s not a liability either. He would be an affordable H-back option for the Bears who still has some upside left.