2015 NFL Combine: WR / TE Recap

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

WR Darren Waller, Georgia Tech (6’6 | 238 | 4.46): Was the tallest of the receiver group and ran with a surprising fluidity. Waller has legit deep speed which at his height is a rare weapon. He’s raw as a receiver and struggles with high-pointing the football in red zone drills. Waller needs plenty of technique work, but 6’6 guys who can run like that don’t come around often and some team will take a chance on Waller earlier than he’s projected.

WR Antwan Goodley, Baylor (5’10 | 209 | 4.44): Few people are talking about Goodley’s combine performance but I came away impressed with his long speed (4.44), hands, and his fluidity in the drill portion. Goodley has a squat, running back build but had one of the best 40-times in the WR group, caught the ball consistently, and his routes were sharp. He’s an underrated receiver who would be a great fit in an offense that runs a lot of WR screens and slants (Den, NE).

WR JJ Nelson, UAB (5’10 | 156 | 4.28): As one of the lightest players to be invited to the combine in years, Nelson needed to make a good impression. He did just that with the best 40-time of the weekend, 4.28. Nelson probably isn’t going to make much of an impact as a receiver, but could be a dangerous return man. He averaged a ridiculous 38.3 yards per kick return last season and had 4 return TDs.

TE Wes Saxton, South Alabama (6’3 | 248 | 4.65): Had the best 40-time of the tight end group and looked better than expected in the drills as well. Saxton has the build and athleticism to be a move TE / H-back type and he helped his stock this weekend.

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TE Maxx Williams, Minnesota (6’4 | 249 | 4.78): Recovered from a slow first 40-time (4.90) to post a respectable 4.78 in his 2nd attempt. More importantly he ran crisp routes, caught everything, and just looked like a natural receiver during the drills. Williams secured his spot as the #1 TE, but probably not higher than the 2nd round.

TE Blake Bell, Oklahoma (6’6 | 252 | 4.80): Former QB who didn’t post a fast 40-time but looked very natural as a receiver with a flawless first pass through the gauntlet drill. Bell is still a bit raw, but showed the potential to develop into a weapon in the passing game.

TE Jesse James, Penn St (6’7 | 261 | 4.83): Another 40-time that wasn’t very impressive, but James’ physical measurements are just about ideal for an NFL tight end and he moved well enough in the 40 and drills to keep his stock high.