2015 NFL Combine: DB Recap

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Draft Stock Falling

Chris Hackett, TCU (6’0 | 195 | 4.81): It was a rough week for TCU prospects as both Hackett and Dawson ran much slower than expected. Hackett was a buzzy propsect coming into the combine after a very good junior season with 7 interceptions, but his slow time and lack of agility in drills will most likely drop him to day 3 of the draft.

Anthony Jefferson, UCLA (6’1 | 198 | 4.72): Has looked bad in all three draft season events he participated in. I’m not sure why he’s projected anywhere near day 2, as he’s slow for safety, takes terrible angles on tape, and misses way too many tackles.

Ladarius Gunter, Miami (6’1 | 202 | 4.69): He’s a big corner so wasn’t expected to be the fastest corner at the combine, but his 4.69 40-time is slow for a safety. Gunter was a borderline 2nd round pick coming in after a strong senior bowl, but may drop all the way to day 3 after a bad 40 and stiff performance in the drills.

Cody Prewitt, Mississippi (6’2 | 208 | 4.60): My only concern with Prewitt coming in was his tackling skills on tape, but I have a few more now after he ran a 4.70 on his 2nd 40 attempt, had one of the worst performances on the bench with just 11 reps, and had the 6th worst 3-cone time 7.12.  I almost had the Bears taking Prewitt in round 3 of my last mock, but he is a day 3 pick now in my opinion.