Chicago Bears Free Agent Options: Wide Receiver

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My Recommendation:

I think the Bears new management team is considering getting rid of Brandon Marshall, but ultimately they are going to give him one more year to prove he can stay healthy and not be a distraction. So if Marshall stays, then there isn’t much room for another receiver on the Bears. One type of receiver the Bears do need is a guy that has the quickness to get open on underneath routes. With their three primary receivers all long striders at over 6’3, the Bears could use a smaller quick guy who can give Jay Cutler a safety valve over the middle. There are a couple of receivers who could give the Bears and Cutler a QB-friendly option, but the best fit in my opinion is…

Cole Beasley: He’s about half the size of the Bears current receiving corps, but has the quickness to give the Bears offense a new dimension and had somewhat of a breakout season last year with 37 catches, 420 yards, and 4 TDs. The play Bears fan will remember most though is Beasley dragging Chris Conte for 4 yards into the end zone, despite being about 30-40 pounds lighter than Conte. Beasley is a Tom Waddle type, an undersized, tough receiver who plays bigger and faster than his measurables. He is a restricted free agent, but the Cowboys are tight against the cap so there is a chance they won’t be able to match a decent offer from the Bears for Beasley.