Chicago Bears Doing Homework on Jay Cutler


The Chicago Bears haven’t made a commitment to Jay Cutler yet.  Sure, there’s a financial commitment that Ryan Pace is still on the hook for, but after not giving Cutler a vote of confidence at the Combine last week, it’s clear that the Bears are still weighing their options.

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CSN Chicago’s Moon Mullin reports that the Bears are leaving no stone unturned in their assessment of Cutler, even turning to former coaches and coordinators to help get a read on Cutler:

"As part of their evaluation process for Cutler, the Bears are going beyond the usual video reviews and expected to be reaching out for thoughts from some of the very offensive coaches who lost jobs in part due to Cutler. That group includes coordinators Ron Turner, Mike Martz, Mike Tice and Aaron Kromer, plus former quarterbacks coaches Matt Cavanaugh and Pep Hamilton, now Andrew Luck’s offensive coordinator with the Indianapolis Colts, sources confirmed."

If you’ve ever watched the reality show Survivor, the final contestants who are vying for the million dollar prize have to convince the people they had a hand in voting out of the game that they should vote for them to win the title as the sole Survivor.   After I read this story, I couldn’t help think of that show.  Cutler’s fate with the Bears could be decided by those whom he had a hand in getting fired.

Give Pace and Fox credit for doing their due diligence on Cutler and really being thorough.

"The goal is less to gather dirt as much as attempting to get a fix on what makes Cutler tick, something that previous coaching staffs have never completely reached. And the new coaching staff is seeking to avoid the mistakes of past ones."

Do they really want to know what makes Cutler tick?  That’s a scary place to be.  I don’t get the sense that the new regime is trying to find a way to fix Cutler, which is what past regimes did.  I don’t think Cutler is fixable, so it’s better to just assess what he is and determine if they can manage him and win games with him.

They’re also not kowtowing to Cutler, trying to give him everything he could want or make him comfortable.  Cutler has been left to twist in the wind this entire offseason.  Decision time is coming soon.  The next checkpoint for Cutler will be the start of the league year on March 12th, when the next $10 million chunk of his $126 million contract becomes guaranteed for 2016.