Chicago Bears Helmet Gets a Makeover


The Cleveland Browns unveiled a new logo earlier this week, which always sparks various artists and designers to offer their take on redesigning team logos, helmets, etc.  One such designer, Paul Bunyan Design, offered their take on the helmets of all 32 NFL teams, including our Chicago Bears.

The Bears logo and helmet are iconic, a function of their status as the charter franchise.  The navy blue dome with the white outlined-orange classic Chicago Bears “C” logo is timeless, so any attempt to re-make the logo will be met with significant resistance.

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Bunyan Design did a decent job to put a new spin on the classic look.  I like the orange facemask to start new look.  The navy blue fades into a lighter shade of blue, offering a more modern, 3-D look.  The classic C logo gets re-positioned to the crown of the helmet, maybe so we can tell leading with the helmet more easily.

The biggest change on the helmet is the set of claw marks on the side of the helmet.  It’s an interesting take to give the Bears helmet and bear theme.  It might make more sense to have the opponent’s helmet get the claw marks, but I doubt the Packers will allow a set of claw marks on the side of their new cheese-head inspired helmet.

That’s a pretty cool look for the Packers, I have to admit.  There are plenty of cool helmet designs to check out in the gallery.

Which design is your favorite?  Would you like the Bears to put a new spin on their helmet and logo, or are they just untouchable?  Post your comments and better yet, if you’re a wannabe artist or graphic designer, post your ideas for a new Chicago Bears logo or helmet.