Chicago Bears: Free Agency Day 3 Recap

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The Bears were quiet on day 3 which was a change from the first two days when the Bears ended up with three free agents. They still have a significant amount of money left but need to start being a little more cost conscious to add as many value pieces as they can before next season. With the switch to a 3-4 defensive scheme, the Bears have some holes to fill in the starting lineup and a bunch of depth slots to stock. There were more Bears related rumors today and NFL cuts and signings that may impact the Bears plans moving forward. Here is a breakdown of the Bears news, significant free agent signings and salary cap casualties.

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Bears News

1.) The biggest Bears rumor of the day was the story that the Bears are close to signing ILB Mason Foster to a 3-year deal worth a rumored ($15M-$16M). I covered the Foster rumors already today, but personally I hope it happens. The Bears need help at ILB in their new scheme and I’ve always been a fan of Foster.

2.) Another Bears rumor is that safety Ron Parker is still in Chicago and working on a contract. I thought perhaps the Parker visit was a leverage play to speed up the Antrel Rolle signing, but if Parker is still in town then clearly the Bears have interest in singing them both. With the embarrassing lack of talent at the safety position in Chicago, I think the Parker signing is an excellent idea. The fact that Parker has starting NFL experience as both a safety and cornerback gives him added value in a secondary going through a scheme change that could use a few new pieces. Parker is an ascending player who got considerably better as his first season as a starter progressed. There are supposedly 5-6 teams vying for Parker’s services which is a good sign. ESPN’s Bears beat reporter Michael Wright has a spotty track record, so take this how you want: