Like it or Not, Jay Cutler is the Chicago Bears Quarterback in 2015


Dec 28, 2014; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) hands the ball off to Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte (22) in the first quarter at TCF Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

I haven’t written much lately, so I’ll just jump right into a topic that always invokes controversy, Jay Cutler.

For the most part I have been a supporter of his. I have an orange jersey with his name on it. When he came to town in 2009, I was ecstatic. My wife and I started dating that year and I told her it was a great time to become a Chicago Bears fan because of  the Kyle Orton trade with Denver for first rounder and pro bowler, Jay Cutler.

You see, the only other QB I ever liked was Jim McMahon. I wasn’t alive for Sid Luckman. Talk about pressure. It has been harder on Jay because we all know he has the talent. It’s his flashes of greatness that make the suck suckier. If he sucked in general, expectations would be much lower.

He’s like the genius that get’s Ds and Fs in school and when you sit him down to talk about it he just chews gum and texts to someone how much you harass him.

Last season was so miserable all-around for Bears fans that my support for him was truly tested. Fans wanted to lash out and he is an easy target. I get it. He throws it to the other team at seemingly the worst possible time. It completely takes everything out of you. We all want 3 touchdowns in the 4th quarter Jay. The one that spoiled the opening of Levi’s Stadium for the 49ers. The guy that almost brought us back to beat the Cowboys in an otherwise terrible game.

I could just see one of those “No more” commercials featuring a potpourri of teary-eyed Chicago Bears fans referring to Jay Cutler. “No more will I make excuses for you.” “No more will I be reeled in just to get hurt again.” Followed by a protective order that keeps him more than 500 yards away from Soldier Field.

Getting paid those big bucks turns the screws even more on the situation.

I have been following the Chicago Bears free agency moves and I’m really impressed. Nothing flashy, but solid moves by our new staff to fill holes. Alot of you are still bummed out we have Cutler. It’s like you think he has the ability to take anything good our new staff does and turn it into a pumpkin.

Sorry, he’s not that powerful.

They could have gotten rid of Cutler, no doubt about that. It’s obvious they felt that he was worth more to us right now than we could have gotten, plus the difference in money we are out, for someone who is not even here anymore. The contract figure is not what they expected.

If you make him the whole reason the Bears sucked last year, you’re actually putting him up on a pedestal and saying that his play alone can make us win games. If that’s the case, he is worth that contract. You are also devaluing all the contributions made on a team.

Although Jay Cutler can help us to win games, and has heard some accolades about good performance since coming here, he also is aware about the bad things that are said about him. Unless he lives in a cave.

Regardless of the money he is paid, if he can put up with the boos and the names he is called and burning of his jersey and still come out and play for us, don’t you think we can give him this last chance?

I wonder where I would be today if people stopped believing in me because it was fashionable.

Oh, and I needed people to believe in me more than once before I got it right.

Since Jay is already named starter for this year, I thought I would try to appeal to the NFL fans with more heart than anywhere else.

Chicago Bear fans.

My Mom would have just said “tough titty” said the kitty, but the milk’s still good.

I hated that.