Latest Chicago Bears News – May 13, 2015


Moon Mullin suspects that one way or another, Jay Cutler will have another new offensive coordinator in 2016:

"If 2015 goes well offensively for the Bears, [Adam] Gase will be high on the list of head-coaching candidates next offseason. He will be a made-man in the NFL, a coach who solved the Cutler enigma. After his year as Broncos OC, Gase was interviewed for the top field post in Denver, as well as by Atlanta, Buffalo, San Francisco and even the Bears before they settled on Fox.If 2015 doesn’t go well offensively for the Bears, Cutler’s future in Chicago becomes extremely problematic, particularly with a coaching staff that agreed to keep him for this season but has no ego or other investment in Cutler."

Can’t we just get through 2015 first Moon???

Apparently Adam Gase is a bit of a “Martzist” which isn’t the same as a communist but might be good for Jay Cutler.  Cutler had arguably his best stretch with the Bears under offensive coordinator Mike Martz before he broke his thumb back in 2011.  Wonder how this might end???

Dan Durkin helps educate us on what Vic Fangio’s 3-4 Hybrid defense might look like.

Larry Meyer’s latest Bears mailbag includes worrying about the third QB spot, a bunch of ex-Bears still looking for work and a breakdown of previous #13’s in Bears history.

USA Today released their Power Rankings.  Avert your eyes Bears fans.  Avert.  Your.  Eyes.

Adam Hoge loaded up with a 10 Bears Things that takes a wide angle view on a lot of Bears topics.

Former Bear Khaseem Greene didn’t stay unemployed too long.  Lovie Smith picked him up for the Bucs.

Martellus Bennett hasn’t been around Halas Hall.  Maybe it’s because he’s working on his comedy career:


Deflategate rages on.  Tom Brady is going to appeal his suspension.  His agent blasted Ted Wells, who blasted right back.  Patriots fans have done gone loco, staging a protest at NFL headquarters and putting together a GoFundMe campaign to pay the million dollar fine for a multi-billion dollar team.

Aaron Rodgers won his round of Celebrity Jeopardy.  Is there anything this dude can’t do?

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