Ray McDonald Arrested Second Time in Three Days


Ray McDonald is either a troubled man or just plain stupid after being arrested for the second time in three days.  After Memorial Day’s alleged domestic violence and child endangerment arrest that cost him his job with the Bears and probably his NFL career, McDonald doubled down on the stupid by violating the restraining order against him.  Here’s the Santa Clara PD incident report:

"On Wednesday, May 27, 2015, at about 2:52 PM., Santa Clara Detectives learned Ray McDonald violated a restraining order for being at a residence in Santa Clara. Detectives later located Ray McDonald at a nearby Togo’s Sandwiches, 2203 Tasman Dr. in Santa Clara. Ray McDonald was arrested without incident and transported to Santa Clara Police Department for processing. He will be booked at Santa Clara County Jail.The restraining order Ray McDonald violated was issued as a result of his earlier domestic violence and child endangerment arrest which occurred in Santa Clara on May 25, 2015.This is an on-going investigation and further information will be released when it is available."

Per Josina Anderson, here’s what McDonald’s attorney Steve Defilippis said following this latest arrest:

"“When Ray McDonald was released from jail he was not served with a restraining order. They say there is a restraining order now, but they never served him with it.”"

Following his first arrest this week, McDonald was cut loose by the Bears.  Ironically enough, Bears chairman George McCaskey was asked about his role in vetting and approving the McDonald signing back in March.

"“What more could I have done?” he wondered aloud. “Is there somebody else we could have consulted with? Should I have taken more time to make a decision? I don’t know. We thought we had a good structure, a good support system. We thought we had safeguards in place in case something like this happened.”"

At this point, it seems McDonald has just said, “F*** it.  My career’s over, I might as well get my flat screens back.”  I don’t think he’s thinking rationally and someone should step in before this comes to an unfortunate end.