Latest Chicago Bears News – Welcome June


Welcome to June, BEARS FANS!!!  I’ve decided to try to resurrect an old favorite of mine, Bear Dawn.  It’s the latest Chicago Bears news from around the interwebs.  After an exciting weekend where the Chicago Blackhawks won the Western Conference and will head back to their third Stanley Cup Final in the last five years, here’s what you need to know for Friday May 29, 2015…

The Bears held their 20th annual Bears Care Gala over the weekend:

"Bears Care is the charitable beneficiary for the Bears and was incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit in 2005. It is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people in the Chicago community through various programs supporting athletics, medical research and other areas.Through its first 19 years, Bears Care has raised more than $11 million dollars for research and treatment. In 2014, the Gala generated more than $650,000 in proceeds. Totals for this year were not immediately available."

There were plenty of players in attendance and that means lots of photos.  Here are some of my favorites that were tweeted out:

But there was more going on besides the big Gala…

The Jets gave former Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall a raise.  Actually gave the overpaid wide receiver more money before he even played a single snap there.  Why?

"The Jets want to keep veteran receiver Brandon Marshall happy."

That’s how we got into the mess with Marshall, tip-toeing around Marshall’s fragile ego.  You’ll be sorry Jets.  You’ll be sorry.

The Bears will be relying on former Broncos center Will Mongomery to help teach Adam Gase’s scheme to the rest of his linemates.

"“I’m definitely a little bit past the learning curve, but everybody else is on track right now,” said Montgomery, who started every game at center for Washington from 2011-13 and hasn’t missed a game since 2010. “Day 30 is going to be better than Day One, so everybody is on the right track, and I think we did pretty good today."

The Bears officially announced the  hiring of former Saints exec Joey Laine as director of football administration and Nate Breske as head athletic trainer.  Ryan Pace discussed the moves with

4o rookies participated in NFL Rookie Premier last week.  Kevin White and Jeremy Langford were among the participants