Projecting the Chicago Bears Starting 11: Offense

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It’s officially summer BGO readers, albeit early summer — which means we’re in a bit of a football wasteland.  Days of renewed hope in the August heat of Bourbonnais will come before we know it and by then the picture of the starting 11 will become rapidly clearer, but for now it’s time to do some projecting.  Vic Fangio and his defensive unit may provide more intrigue when it comes to this exercise — and we will get to them in the coming days — but for now we’re taking a look at the offense.

Our most recent memories of this offense are less-than the most pleasant of recollections, but we don’t have to reach too much further back in our subconscious to remember when the Bears’ O seemed on the cusp of greatness.  Will the 2015 unit, made up of largely the same pieces as the prolific 2013 edition, come together under the tutelage of Adam Gase & John Fox and return to top flight status?

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It doesn’t feel to me like that’s a pie-in-the-sky expectation, but that could be the Bears Kool-Aid talking and it’s easy to overindulge in the sugary stuff this time of year.  If that’s you too and you’re predicting an offensive juggernaut while sporting red-stained lips, or even if you’re in the opposite camp pumping the brakes on what this offense will be — these are the guys that will be fulfilling those varying expectations starting on September 13th against the Packers.

By mid-season will it be the same 11?  What about by the end of the year?  Factor in the random cruelty of injury, sprinkle in some poor performances along with the potential ascension of guys who start off as backups, and the answer to those questions is “probably not”.

This is how I think they’ll begin the season, however, and from there we’ll pray to the football Gods (the old and the new) that the best guys find their way to the field and stay healthy.  Click below to get this party started, and there’s no better place to start than…

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