Chicago Bears News: Lamarr Houston Redemption and More


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You’ve heard of the Shawshank Redemption, how about the Lamarr Houston Redemption?  The Chicago Tribune’s Dan Weiderer looks at Lamarr Houston and his efforts to come back from the embarrassing ACL injury he suffered last season while celebrating a sack in a lopsided loss to the New England Patriots.

"“Of course people are going to question what I was doing,” he says. “But look, it was my first sack of the year. I should have had more by then. So (after) my first one I was going to celebrate regardless. People can say whatever they want. They’re not wrong to question why I celebrated and they’re not wrong to say I shouldn’t have celebrated. That’s their opinion. And it doesn’t bother me. I had reason to celebrate.”"

Sounds like he’s doubling down on the stupid, no?  The whole article is a good read, so give it a spin.

With Training Camp right around the corner, Matt Bowen helps Brad Biggs and looks at 10 questions the Bears face heading into camp.

CSN Chicago’s Moon Mullin looks at four positions worth keeping an eye on in camp.

Do you know who Jay Rodgers is?  No, it’s not a strange hybrid of Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers, he’s the Chicago Bears’ new defensive line coach.

"“This is a tremendous organization with great tradition,” he said. “The people here love the Bears and sports in Chicago, and I feel that enthusiasm every day. Being a part of the great history here and having a chance to get this team back on track with coach Fox to a place they haven’t been to in 30 years, that’s what’s exciting for me.”"

He knows how to get on our good side, right?

ESPN Chicago’s Jeff Dickerson ranks tight end Martellus Bennett as the sixth most important player on the Bears roster.

Speaking of tight ends, Bennett is front and center in Chicago Football’s tight end preview.

Bears legend Dan Hampton thinks Jay Cutler can be fixed while he was doing a media tour to support his efforts with Habitat for Humanity.

Former Bears receiver Brandon Marshall continues to make headlines in Chicago.  The latest?  When asked for the best QB he’s played with, he named former Bears quarterback…. Kyle Orton.

Noted Bears killer and legend Brett Favre was named to the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.  I’m just wondering if the guy in the front row of this picture is a Bears fan or an outside the box thinking Packers fan.  Some could argue that Cutler’s been a Packers MVP twice a year for the last few seasons.