Chicago Bears: Why 3-13 Prediction is Dead Wrong

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Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Even if Cutler’s gonna Cutler, he can’t out-Cutler his 2014

Jay Cutler led the NFL in two things in 2014 – salary and turnovers.  Cutler threw 18 interceptions and coughed up six fumbles.  Can Cutler top his 24 giveaways in 2015?  He’s set the bar awfully high but even if he tries, I don’t think Cutler will cough up the ball 20 times.  Here’s a look at how Jay has turned over the ball throughout his career:

While Jay went off the rails in his first season in Chicago in 2009 – with no offensive line to speak of, mind you – he’s managed to keep the turnovers since down to around 1.3 per game until 2014.  As the team spiraled, so did Cutler, posting a whopping 1.6 turnovers per game in his 15 appearances.  What was as maddening as his 18 interceptions were his 6 lost fumbles.

With Adam Gase running an offense that’s expected to run the ball more than the token 35% that Marc Trestman ran it, Jay won’t have as many chances to cough it up.

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