Chicago Bears: Why 3-13 Prediction is Dead Wrong

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Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Better Chemistry

The Bears were broken last season.  From Brandon Marshall‘s locker room tirades and antics to Aaron Kromer’s anonymous  ripping of Jay Cutler to the NFL Network that was later uncovered, ending in Kromer’s tearful apology to Cutler in front of the whole team.  It was a mess.  Trestman was just too weird and created a bad culture.

Kyle Long talked about tearing down walls in locker room this season.  As one of the leaders on the team, he seems to get it.  There’s a little bit of addition by subtraction.  You cleaned out a lot of the bad culture and with that, the team should improve.

So to sum up, you get rid of some rotten apples (coaches included), expect that Jay Cutler can’t play much worse than he did last season and the defense has nowhere to go but up and you’ve got the formula for an improved Bears team.  Make no mistake about it, I’m not quite ready to proclaim the Bears a playoff team, but I certainly think they’ll be far better a three win team.