Chicago Bears Training Camp: Five Players To Watch

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Kevin White, WR

Chicago Bears wide receivers Kevin White and Alshon Jeffery enter the practice field.

The above does not represent the type of action-packed photo of Kevin White that I would prefer to use (or of Alshon Jeffery, for that matter) but the highly drafted rookie is dealing with a well-publicized shin issue and has not yet participated in a training camp practice. The latest news, if we can call it that, involves head coach John Fox dropping a Wanny-ism on us.

“He’s got a shin,” the coach proclaimed. “You can call it splints, call it whatever you want.” Whatever we decide to call it, the one thing we’re having a hard time labeling it is no big deal. How can it not be a big deal when the number seven overall pick in the draft — the guy expected to fill some of the production void left by Brandon Marshall‘s departure — is not yet practicing mid-way thru training camp?

“He’s got a shin,” the coach proclaimed. “You can call it splints, call it whatever you want.”

In most cases I’ll refrain from using the word “concerning” in any way pertaining to training camp goings-on, but there are some exceptions. A season-ending injury to a star player would be one, for example, and I would also describe White’s current predicament that way. Until he gets back on the field and ends the consternation we’re all feeling, the hand-wringing will persist.

White is a rookie, not a seasoned NFL veteran, so he needs all the time he can get on the field with the offense. He needs time with wide receivers coach Mike Groh and he needs to develop chemistry with Jay Cutler. He needs to get work in with the rest of his teammates in Bourbonnais.

The beauty of the situation is that all of this goes away the second White makes his first impact play in a Bears uniform. When will that be though? My hope is that he gets back on the field in time to be ready for the preseason “dress rehearsal” on August 29th against the Bengals. Sooner would be better but a fully healthy Kevin White by week one, even if he is a somewhat under-prepared one, is better than an injured Kevin White.

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