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The weekend is here and Bear football is being played today, making this the official feel-good Saturday edition of Bear Dawn. I’m here to help get the next two days started off right by serving up a smorgasbord of delectable Chicago Bears News items, for your reading pleasure. Bear Dawn, lets get it in.

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Our first landing spot is, with Pete Prisco giving the kind of take on Jay Cutler that we don’t often hear in the media. Prisco covers the good, bad and the ugly that defines Cutler in the perceptions of Bears fans.

The aggregate in all that is a quarterback whose abilities Prisco still believes in, and whose personality he seems to understand. The picture painted by Prisco isn’t overly rosy, however, with the writer also citing the issues that have kept Cutler from ascending to an elite level of play.

"I am not going to sit here and say there won’t be more game-day scowls or yelling at teammates for Cutler, but I get the idea he’s more at ease with where he is now than he’s been at any point in his Chicago career. Cutler and Gase could be ready to put up some big numbers."

Love him, hate him or somewhere in between, the talent Cutler has is undeniable. If Adam Gase can get complete buy-in from Cutler on the offensive system they’re running, there’s a chance the best of Cutler is yet to come. Of course it could all flame out horribly, but this is the feel-good edition of Bear Dawn, so we’ll leave that possibility for another day.

This morning’s next stop is at a place I’m not sure we’ve visited before. Scott Poppen of Today’s Pigskin discusses a handful of players on the bubble worth watching in tonight’s game. One of the players covered is linebacker John Timu, and Poppen has confidence in the rookie out of Washington going forward.

Hard not to like Timu after this impressive interception he pulled in against the Dolphins:

When considering all the linebackers vying for a prominent role in Vic Fangio’s 3-4 defense, John Timu may have been an easy one to overlook. Word is that Timu’s leadership is showing up in camp, and if you read Ryan Pace’s press clippings you know he loves his players with character.

With Pace already sold on Timu’s make-up, he seems at good odds to make the team if he shows he can play.

Moving on, we visit Bleacher Report where Matt Eurich talks about what we’ve learned about the Bears so far this preseason. Eurich recaps the most significant happenings and developments on the Bears roster, and provides his thoughts along the way.

Want to ask Hub Arkush some questions about the Bears? Four readers queried the Chicago Football writer and you can read the Q&A session here. One reader asks Arkush if the Bears can muster five wins this year; Arkush takes the over.

Lets get Arthur Arkush in on the feel-good edition of Bear Dawn too. His 3-and-out piece provides three positive takeaways from the practices against the Colts, and three items of concern.

The last stop on this mornings cycle is with our friends at Windy City Gridiron. Kev H gives us five things to watch in tonight’s Bears vs Colts preseason tilt. Adrian Amos and Charles Leno are pointed out for the opportunity both of them have tonight to put a stranglehold on a starting job.

Have a great Saturday and enjoy the game tonight. BEAR DOWN.

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