Chicago Bears: A Fan’s Non-Expert Take on Week 2 Loss


Well that was fun. I’m almost as emotionally detached after week two as I was at the end of last season. I’m right back to where the only thing good about Sundays is my hot wings and time with my family.

I felt a lot better after losing to the Packers!

When that happens for a Chicago Bears fan……. seek therapy.

We were in the Packer game. Actually, we were in this one until Jay Cutler came out of the game, trying to tackle an interceptor, with what we are being told is a hamstring injury. I believe it is a mild injury and Fox likes to play the injury mystery game. I am not adverse to this method but I wish real fans could know the real issue.

I found something that kind of debunks a serious injury.

I’m not so sure Fox wasn’t just trying to see if we would improve with the Pickle, (Jimmy Clausen,) at QB.

I hope he got his answer.


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In fact, I am nominating David Fales as the new backup to Jay Cutler.

Jay Cutler haters, and there are a lot of them, were probably secretly wishing he came back in the game before it got out of hand.

If he did, we would have been in this game until the end. Especially with two gifts given to us near the red zone.

This reminded me of the San Diego game where Jay broke his thumb trying to tackle an interceptor.

Stupid, yes. But the other players respect it. They look up to it. It far outweighs the pick in the first place. They are willing to do things for him because he walks the walk.

Cutler haters like to say he has no heart.

This is the definition of heart.

He leaves it all out on the field, and does what he has to to win.

I can’t believe that fans were booing him as he left the field with an injury. It wasn’t widespread, but it was there.


Not after a three and out. Not after a failed attempt in the red zone.

While walking off the field for an injury.

To me that’s not having heart.

That’s not being a fan.

Let me ask you, would you turn down 54 million guaranteed?

Jay Cutler didn’t either, and in return we get the best QB in Franchise History. One that gives us a chance to win every time he suits upHe gives it all he has and anyone that thinks different is suffering from somethingelseisalwaysbetteritis.

Now I’m sure that the Cutler bashers are going to comment on here. They always do. I wouldn’t say I welcome it, but thanks for reading. I also expect to see the Cutler supporters, the ones I identify with. The people that acknowledge the Chicago Bears lack of success when Jay goes down with an injury. The ones that saw him get us to the NFC Championship game with Devin Hester and Johnny Knox as #1 and #2 wide receivers.

We’re all Chicago Bears fans but these comments can get pretty heated. Easy on the name calling. We can agree to disagree.

Even though you know I’m right.

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