Bears vs Seahawks: Five Questions with 12th Man Rising

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2. The Seahawks are in the unusual position of coming into Sunday’s game 0-2. What’s gone wrong so far this season? Besides getting back on the winning track with the Jimmy Clausen-led Bears, what do the Seahawks need to do to get back to the postseason?

The early season struggles for Seattle aren’t entirely unexpected. They completely reworked their offensive line in the offseason (including replacing an All-Pro with a former defensive linemen at center). Drawing the Rams and their amazing defensive line on the road in Week 1 was less than optimal.

Plus, I don’t think I have to tell you how hard it is to win in Green Bay. Seattle wouldn’t have been favored to win there even if the offensive line wasn’t still terrible.

This unit is going to take some time to come together. We started to see that third quarter last week. There’s talent there, and once it all clicks Seattle’s offense will be tough to stop. For now, the Seahawks have to try and scrap together some wins while the line works the kinks out.

3. So Kam Chancellor decided to end his holdout just in time for the Bears to come to town. I guess everyone needs a preseason tune up game. How does Chancellor change the Seahawks defensive game plan? Has he been the missing ingredient so far this season?

Chancellor hasn’t practiced with the team since minicamp. He’s in great shape, but it’ll still take some time for him to get up to speed.

The backups haven’t played poorly. DeSawn Shead actually played quite well against Green Bay. A rusty Chancellor might not end up being any better this week in terms of physical play.

Where getting Chancellor back will help the most in is the pre-snap portion of the game. Kam makes a lot of defensive adjustments for Seattle. There should be a lot less confusion seen in Seattle’s defense with Chancellor in there.

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