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2. The Raiders offense looks like the real deal, but the defense comes to town ranked 28th in scoring and dead last in yardage. Assuming Jay Cutler can’t play, can Jimmy Clausen and the Bears offense move the ball against the Raiders? Can the Bears gimpy offense keep up with the Raiders offense and try to win a shootout?

A hobbled Jay Cutler or Jimmy Clausen will have trouble against the Raiders defense without Alshon Jeffery, but the key so far this season appears to be using the tight end against Oakland. All three tight ends who have faced the Raiders this season have had big games and touchdowns, so it appears to be the biggest weakness for this defense. Luckily the Bears have a dangerous tight end in Martellus Bennett so there is hope for the Chicago offense if they can continue the trend.

The player I am most concerned about is Matt Forte, who is the key to the Bears success in this game. Chicago’s quarterback play will likely be limited regardless of who starts, but every Forte touch can be dangerous. If the Bears can involve him in the offense and get him into space they will have a chance to score enough points to make this a very close game.

3. We all know about Derek Carr, Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack. Who are a couple of under the radar players that Bears fans may not know about heading into this game that will surprise some people? Give us an offensive and defensive player.

Offense: Andre Holmes. Holmes led the Raiders in receiving yardage last year as mentioned previously, but what makes him an interesting player is his size in the red zone. Last week he caught one of Oakland’s two passing touchdowns and if the Raiders are near the goal line expect Derek Carr to try to find his biggest receiving target if he is open.

Defense: Aldon Smith. Smith should never be “under the radar” but he is definitely poised for a big game as he is getting into the groove after signing with the Raiders just days before Week 1. The former Niners star is putting his off the field issues with alcoholism and his DWI charges behind him so far by making some solid plays, which could lead to a monster game against the Bears now that he has three games under his belt.

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