Bears vs Raiders: Five Questions with Just Blog Baby

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4. The Bears have been passed the “worst team in the league” torch that the Raiders are all too familiar with. Any advice to Bears fans on what to watch for when it looks like your team is headed nowhere fast? How do you get through the season?

Luckily for Bears fans the front office is opening up tons of cap space for 2016 Free Agency, which is honestly all you can look forward to when you are headed for a year without the playoffs. Developing young players is important as well, but for a Bears team that was loaded with veterans from the previous regime the thing to look forward to as a fan would be how this team is going to press the reset button to hopefully do a quick rebuild. Just hope it isn’t a situation like in Oakland where the team misses the playoffs for well over a decade now.

5. I’ve got to ask for a prediction. Please include a score and be gentle.

Given all of the off the field drama in Chicago this week and the injuries to the Bears offense, I just can’t see them winning this game even if the Raiders defense is extremely weak. Even if Cutler does end up playing through his hamstring injury this is a game where I see Oakland taking care of business against a Chicago team that traded key players on defense and will be missing Alshon Jeffery along with their starting left tackle. The Bears will definitely score some points, but the talent of the Raiders offense will win out to move to 3-1 before playing the Denver Broncos Week 5.

Prediction: Raiders 27, Bears 17

Thanks to Chase for his help getting us ready for the Bears vs Raiders showdown.  Be sure to head over to Just Blog Baby to get the Raiders point of view to Sunday’s matchup.