Chicago Bears 37-34 OT Loss to Lions: A Fan’s Non-Expert Take


Oct 18, 2015; Detroit, MI, USA; Fans cheer during the game between the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears at Ford Field. Lions won 37-34 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

This fan’s sign turned out to be right. The Lions would not be 0-6.

Of course it’s the Chicago Bears that get beat by the last winless team in the NFL. A division rival at that.

Oh, the joy I felt when we took the first lead in the game and got a 2 point conversion to be ahead by 7 points!

The disappointment I felt after that when we lost in overtime.

Like the crash one might feel in the 6th hour after a 5 Hour Energy.

I don’t usually complain too much about my Bears, so please forgive me.


Was Marc Trestman coaching us in some kind of team coach swap today because it sure felt like it. Maybe not the whole game, but in overtime I sensed a real lack of urgency. The Lions possessed the ball first in OT and didn’t come away with points, so next score wins.

That’s when you score.

You don’t even need a touchdown. You have good old reliable, perfect-on-the-season kicker, Robbie Gould, warming up on the sidelines. He just needs to be in range.

I questioned why we didn’t go for it on 4th and inches. Then our defense made a stop and we got the ball back and I threw my previous doubt out the window. Then we failed to do anything on our possession. Then I went back to my original thought of “Why didn’t we go for it on 4th and inches?” and “Just how many chances do our coaches think we’re gonna get?”

The Chicago Bears offense was pretty flat for the most part even though it was nice to have a rusty Alshon Jeffrey back. In overtime it seemed like both teams were playing like it was the first quarter of regulation.

I was really high on our Beloved the past couple of weeks and it came tumbling down today.

The defense is still light years better than last year, with our weakest area being the secondary. They made some great stops and they can still keep us in every game.

Our offense is sticking with the run and helping to minimize Jay Cutler’s turnovers. All though I think there’s a problem knowing when to punch the gas. Knowing when it’s safe to be a little more aggressive. I hope this changes as trust is built between our players and coaches.

How many of you guys thought we would go into the bye at .500?

I know I did.

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I thought the Chicago Bears would get healthy over the break and come back and possibly even make a push for a wild card spot. You never know.

Yeah, I thought that. So what.

I’m not so sure now.

Never mind the Packers, if we can’t even beat the Lions.

This was a winnable division game, and I’m a little sour right now.

For my faithful readers like Dale and Styles, El Paso and Brent, and Ur Lineup, I’m sorry guys. To all of the close friends and family I email my weekly post to.

Sorry that I couldn’t give you more of a Bears pep talk this week.

I think it’s possible that some of the players may have overlooked the Lions the way I did. Many of them are new to the team, but I’m sure they are aware of the importance of division wins.

My wife, Beth, who was very supportive about the loss, went out to the grocery store after the game and asked if I needed anything.

Will the Swiss cake rolls and ice cream that I’m about to pig out on change anything?

No, but they’ll sure taste better than this loss.