Jay Cutler: Then, Now and 2016


“Jay Cutler is probably the most misunderstood Quarterback in the NFL” ~ Bruce Arians
That summarizes Jay Cutlers tenure as a Bear. If not his entire career. There is little doubt Jay is the most polarizing figure in Bears history. Either you are for him or against him, no middle ground that is certain. I am not here to try and convince the Cutler “haters” that he is elite or anything along those lines.

I will say that Jay Cutler brings the best opportunity to win for the Bears. It is not about his talent, arm strength or intelligence it has to do with Adam Gase. Simple fact, Cutler has shown so far this season he excels in Gase offensive scheme. The interesting fact is that should not have been a surprise.

It starts with the “Then”.

Go back to 2010/2011 with Mike Martz. Stat-wise Jay was rather middle of the road, much like this season. What was interesting, he looked comfortable, was in control and played well. This was with an offense that had a deplorable line and a group of misfit wide receivers. The key elements to Martz offense was it featured the run (had over 400+ attempts both seasons). The passing was more vertical orientated and Cutler had mobility to run. His win loss record under Martz was 17-8, his best under any of the coordinators he had to play under.

Cutler hopes to move forward this week against the Seahawks and forget the sackfest he experienced in New York.

Fast forward to the “Now”.

Cutler has played overall good football. Command of the offense, sound leadership and gutsy play. The interesting point though is this offense looks very Martzian. It should for Adam Gase was a Mike Martz disciple. Most know that Gase was mentored by Martz back in Detroit days. While Gase offense is more modern than early Martz, some of the same tenets still hold true. Focus on running, vertical passing (which we saw more of with Alshon and Royal returning) and Cutler moving once again. The is an old horse racing saying, “there are horses for courses” and Cutler has found his with Gase.


There is no reason for Cutler not to be under center in 2016. He is under contract, and his cost decreases, Gase will be his OC, the offensive line will be more cohesive. Add in his confidence with his WR and RB, the Bears offensive should play at a higher level.
Is Jay going to make what we would call “bad decisions”? Sure he will. For anyone that plays with him will tell you, Jay believes he can make the play. I have no problem living and dying by the sword, when I know at the end of the day I have one of the better QB’s, especially when the chips are down.

As a side note: Here is an interesting article from Ted Sundquist who was the GM in Denver when they drafted Jay.

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