Chicago Bears Loss to Vikings: A Fan’s Non-Expert Take


Nov 1, 2015; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears offensive tackle Kyle Long (75) reacts after the game against the Minnesota Vikings at Soldier Field. The Vikings won 23-20. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Well that sucked.

Another division loss that the Chicago Bears should have won. Are they tanking and just trying to make it look good? Yes, our defense has improved. They held them without a touchdown for most of the game. It’s the crumbling at the end of the game that has killed us against the Lions before the bye, and the Vikings on Sunday.

I was far too upset to write after the game. I took a power nap, but still woke up with a Bears hangover wishing that it was just a bad dream.

I hope we get some help in the secondary by trade.

CB Kyle Fuller did have a pick that we turned in to points, but I also saw him give up on a tackle that could have prevented a touchdown that tied up the game. He looked more like he was trying to high-five Stefon Diggs than stop him from scoring. A late hit penalty wouldn’t have been as bad as the touchdown.

I hope fans are starting to realize that Jay Cutler is not the problem, but part of the solution in Chicago. He played well and seems to elevate others around him and that’s what you want. Having someone at QB that wants to win just as bad as I want them to is all I can ask for. We’ve always known about his talent. Now he is playing smarter too.

I’m no coach, but if you keep running horizontal pass plays and they keep not working, shouldn’t you maybe change it up a little? Pro bowl wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey is still on the team, right?

Yeah, they changed it and started airing it out, I just think it should have happened sooner.

I like Vic Fangio, but the jury’s still out on Fox and Gase. We need to win these kinds of games. Stuttering on offense isn’t going to cut it. Our defense better get some help in the secondary soon too, Fangio can only do so much with what he has.

John Fox is just the face I am associating overall with these back-to-back division losses. I won’t go so far as to say he is as bad as Trestman, but if I don’t see an about-face next season, I’ll be nudging him towards the door, and making up some lie about a lot of stuff to do.

A lot of fans just figured this was a rebuilding year so these losses are to be expected. There are 53 players that don’t think so as far as I can tell. Me either. I wanted them to win just like I always do. My fanship doesn’t need to rebuild. From January to September, I patiently wait for the season to start and when it does, I watch every Chicago Bears game and a lot of the rival’s games.  I could be setting myself up for disappointment, but who cares? Why would anyone play a game they don’t want to win?

As I was writing this, I had an epiphany. I realized the benefit of accepting this as a rebuilding year. I can see the progress and growth in the right direction. I can be a little more patient and not have unrealistic expectations.  Wow.

It gets a little easier to think this way now. Until Sunday, I actually believed the Bears could make it into the playoffs.  Not anymore. 0-3 in the division with a 2-5 record. I still want them to win every game they can though. No tanking for higher draft order. If they are rebuilding, you start with confidence.  I will cut them a little slack this year.  What choice do I have?

I also celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary with my wife, Beth, on Sunday.  Five years ago we headed off to Aruba and got hitched during the Chicago Bears bye week.  She has understood how important the Bears are to me from the start and has always been supportive.  Now we have a very cute, defiant, little 4 year-old named Robbie that we adore.  Some things are more important than football, I guess.