Bear Dawn: Shea McClellin 50/50


During the open media practice session yesterday, Shea McClellin was back in full practice. As much as Shea has been maligned in his career, I think we can all agree he was missed over the last two weeks. Most believe he is a bust as a first rounder, I counter with how can he be? He never asked to be drafted in the first round. That is an Emery stigma put on the guy, Lovie in his myopic view put him in a bad position after that. So due to a GM over drafting him, a coach misusing him he gets slammed. It would have been different if every draft board had him rated a first rounder, but they didn’t. Blame Emery and Smith for McClellin’s lack of success as a first rounder. Interesting now that he is with Fangio his play has been steady and seems to have command of the defense. Put it into perspective, Shea will be a steady and a shade above average LB. There is no shame in that.

Here is Fangio on playing the Chargers

Nov 27, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Chicago Bears outside linebacker Shea McClellin (50) against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears head into Monday Night Football against the 2-6 Chargers. On the surface it would seem to the national fan base as a yawner but because these two teams are so similar, I got to believe it will be a barn burner. I am not a big stat guy but the mirror image of these two teams is uncanny. In looking at the three phases and how they rank, there is little difference. Offense, Chargers are a bit ahead of the Bears due to Rivers passing, defense they rank right next to each other and same goes for special teams. The disparity comes in that San Diego can pass but not run versus the Bears that can run and do okay passing. The other difference makers is that the Charger pass protection is like 30th and the Bears are 7th (Using Football Outsiders metrics).

So we should look for big games from McPhee and Acho! For the Chargers it will be all about Antonio Gates now with Keenan Allen on IR.

Bears Thursday Injury Update

Other notes and things of interest:

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