Bear Dawn: Jay Cutler & MNF


As we head into MNF, I had read that Cutler plays darn well on MNF. Larry Mayer was kind enough to post up Jay’s MNF record, so here it is.

“Jay Cutler actually has performed very well on Monday Night Football, compiling a 7-2 record since joining the Bears in 2009. In those games he’s completed 170 of 280 passes for 1,989 yards with 18 touchdowns, six interceptions and a 94.8 passer rating. Cutler has recorded wins over the Vikings in 2009 and 2010, the Packers in 2010, the Eagles in 2011, the Cowboys in 2012, the Lions in 2012 and the Jets in 2014. His losses have come versus the Lions in 2011 and the Saints in 2014. ”

The Chargers are favorites by 4 points and that would be classic Vegas for the home team. There are a lot of variables to this game its almost frightening to try to pick one area as key. However, I will take a stab and say Bears D line will be the X factor. The Chargers offense of line is not good, and horrible against pass rush. So if the front line can harass Rivers consistently it would slow down their passing attack. I also caution not to get over confident about the run. Sure the Chargers are weak there right now, but funny how teams find one aspect of their game to get healthy on versus the Bears.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler celebrates the game-winning touchdown. (Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune, Jose M. Osorio, Sept. 15, 2013)

I peg Bears to win going away, 27-21.

So Lions were on a bye. We had GB v CAR and MIN v STL

Have to hand it to Zimmer and the Vikings for pulling out an OT win against the Rams. It puts them at 6-2 and in first place, tied with a faltering Packers squad. I still don’t understand the NFL referee’s this season. Acho whispers a blow to Bridgewater and flags fly. Joyner takes a cheap shot, knocks Bridgewater into concussion protocol and no flag. Some have suggested Joyner will get fined! How do you fine a player for something the referee’s say never happened?

Now to the GB game. We Bears fans are all smiles to see the Pack lose two in a row. Regardless the Packers are a dangerous team, get the Lions next week so that will help them. It would be great if the Bears get past SD and STL and head into Thanksgiving night 4-6 against the Packers. Like to have some momentum going into that game.

If you missed the game, here are some highlights for you,

Julius Peppers highlight Too bad he did not play with that enthusiasm for the Bears.

Peppers again

and the last one A Rodgers moment Now of course the media says that is a player who is a leader, intense and expects the best from himself. If that had been Cutler … well you know.

If you did not see it over the weekend, Royal and Forte are out for the Chargers game. We will Shea back at ILB which is a good thing.

Three 2014 draft casualties this week. Louis Nix, Terrence West and Dri Archer, all 3rd rounders were cut by the respective teams. I am sure they will get signed as they clear waivers, but shows you just how tough picking “winners” is on draft day.

To close out today’s Bear Dawn edition Best fake FG you will ever see