Bears vs Chargers: Five Questions with Bolt Beat


Oct 4, 2015; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers fans cheer during the first quarter against the Cleveland Browns at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

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The Bears head to San Diego as the Bears vs Chargers cap off Week 9 of the NFL season on Monday Night Football.  To help us get primed for the prime time matchup, we’ve enlisted the help of our friend, Ernie Padaon from Bolt Beat to answer our Five Questions:

1. The Chargers head into the game against the Bears pretty banged up.  Who’s going to miss the game that’s the biggest loss to the Chargers?

Keenan Allen will be the biggest loss for the team. He was playing at a Pro Bowl level this season and was Philip’s favorite target. Philip will spread the ball around even more to his receivers, but Allen will be a tough player to replace. This team has been airing it out a ton this year and allen’s loss will be huge.

2. Phillip Rivers is putting up monster numbers, yet the Chargers are 2-6.  Is it just the case of a bad defense or is there more to their poor record?

The defense is poor and can’t stop the run, but there is a number of thnings that go into the poor record. As well as Philip has done on offense, the team can’t establish a run game and struggles even more in the red zone. There are a lot of poor decisions made in critical situations. Philip has been great, but the team is finding ways to lose at this point.

3. Keenan Allen is lost for the season with a lacerated kidney.  Who steps up to fill the void left by Allen?  Fantasy owners (including me) need to know!

It could be Stevie Johnson and Malcom Floyd, but the way this offense moves, Danny Woodhead will likely get most of the looks. If Philip can’t find an open receiver, he will go to the safety valve with Woodhead.

4. Are the Chargers headed to LA?  What’s do Chargers fans think about the possible move?  Could they (or would they) co-exist with the Raiders in a joint stadium?  Do you think they’ll move or find a way to stay in my favorite city to visit?

Everyone thinks that the team will move to LA. We hate it and we hate the idea of sharing a stadium with the Raiders. As if moving to LA was not a big enough kick to our balls, now we have to share a stadium with the hated Raiders. We all hope that there is some sort of way that the team sticks around, but they are looking to get to Los Angeles and we are all just left in the dust with it at this point.

5. What’s your prediction for the game on Monday night?  Please include a score.

I think it gets ugly. The Chargers have been playing ugly football and shouldn’t be. If this team loses on Monday Night it could mean that we have a new head coach heading into the BYE week. We almost want the loss. Do the players want the loss? Are the Chargers even motivated to play this year? I expect a close game and the Chargers to snatch a loss out of the air at the end, whether it be an interception for a touchdown or something else stupid like that. Just the way this team likes to crush our hearts.

Chargers 23 – Bears 24

Thanks to Ernie and the guys at Bolt Beat for their answers to our questions.