Bears vs Broncos: Five Questions with Predominantly Orange

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1. Before we get into the game, let’s look back at how John Fox and the Broncos parted ways, setting the stage for the Bears to land Foxy as their head coach. What happened between Fox and John Elway? Any regrets losing Fox as head coach?

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I believe the biggest reason behind the “mutual parting of ways” between the Broncos and John Fox was his inability to win big time games. While he had so much success by winning four straight AFC West titles, it means nothing if you can’t win in the big game.
I’ll never forget the the first playoff game with Manning and Fox against the Ravens. Two timeouts with 30 seconds left and you have one of the best quarterback’s in the league and a really great kicker. And what do you do? Take a knee and play for overtime? I’m sorry, but I know other coaches would have done it differently in his shoes.

The loss to the Colts last year was the final straw. It marked losing in the divisional round of the playoffs 3 out of 4 years. 2 of those 3, the team was talented enough to get farther, but Fox just could not get it going.

While Fox did bring the Broncos to their first Super Bowl appearance since 1999, I have no regrets losing Fox. In fact, I was not even surprised when Elway showed him the door one day after the 2014 season ended.

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