Bears vs Broncos: Five Questions with Predominantly Orange

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Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

3. The Broncos defense has carried the team all season.  What’s the key to their success?  Are there any weaknesses that Jay Cutler and Adam Gase can try to exploit?

There is one man that I give credit for the Broncos success. That man is Wade Phillips. He has taken what Jack Del Rio had and made the unit so much better. They are playing with the “Kicking and Screaming” mentality and doing what they can to help out the offense. Minus the Packers game, the defense was the reason behind the Broncos wins. From Aqib Talib‘s pick six against the Ravens to T.J. Ward‘s strip sack of Teddy Bridgewater to end the game against the Vikings, it has been such a dominating performance.

The only weakness I can see for the time being is that Gase and Cutler have to hope the Broncos shoot themselves in the foot with penalties. While the Broncos have a top defense, the penalties have been allowing opponent’s drives to stay alive.

4. Please fill in the blanks…

The Bears can win on Sunday if they…

…take advantage of the Broncos defensive penalties, if they commit them. Another one could be forcing Osweiler in making mistakes.

The Broncos will win on Sunday as long as they don’t…

…turn the ball over and play a complete 60 minute game.

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