Bears vs Packers: Five Questions with Lombardi Ave

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4. Who’s an under the radar player on the Packers who has surprised you this season? Who’s been the biggest disappointment this season?

Though he’s been injured, Montgomery comes to mind as the under the radar player who has surprised … but you also have to throw in guys like linebackers Joe Thomas and Nate Palmer … and we can’t forget about B.J. Raji and Datone Jones, defensive linemen whose games have been steady and important to the Packers defensive successes.

As for the biggest disappointment, I might have to point to safety Morgan Burnett and cornerback Casey Hayward. Both have been very quiet this year. Burnett has been playing back from injury and Hayward just hasn’t been the player many of us thought he would be. If they can step up their performances as the season winds down, they could have a big impact with this defense.

5. Can the Bears rain on Brett Favre‘s parade and pull off a win? Hit me with your prediction and include a final score.

Frankly, I don’t think the Bears are going to have a chance. There will be too much emotion in the house for that to happen.

I see Rodgers finally breaking out of the slump he’s been in and lighting up the Bears’ defensive backfield like he’s done in the past. I feel the Packers jump out to a quick lead in this one and don’t look back.

Their performance will make both Brett Favre and Bart Starr proud to be associated with the franchise.

Packers 35 Bears 20

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