Pernell McPhee: “We Slapped Rodgers on his Ass.”


For Chicago Bears fans, it’s always fun to beat the Green Bay Packers. Especially over the last 25 years or so when, let’s be honest, it doesn’t happen that often.

We went in there and slapped [Rodgers] on his ass

The fact that Thursday night’s victory over Green Bay happened in front of a national audience on Thanksgiving night definitely made the victory even sweeter. But make no mistake about it, it was just as sweet, if not sweeter, for Bears’ players.

Pernell McPhee addressed the media on Monday and according to Jeff Dickerson of ESPN, McPhee talked about how the team was not pleased with Aaron Rodgers’ remarks after the Packers week one victory over Chicago when the Packers QB stated, “It’s always fun to beat the Bears.” That quote served as extra motivation for the Bears going into the Thursday night game and that was quite clear after McPhee’s remarks:

"C’mon, the quarterback said he loved beating up on us. Who he think we are? We ain’t the team from last year, or two years ago, or three years ago. You know what I’m saying? This is the 2015 Chicago Bears. A lot of guys took it personal, especially when some guys says he love beating up on your brother. I ain’t going to let nobody come and beat my little brother up. You know, we went in there and slapped him on his ass. They need to go ask him how that feels."

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For Bears’ fans, that quote should be music to the ears. This rivalry is about to get very serious again. The Bears aren’t going to go quietly to the Packers anymore. McPhee and this team appreciate the rivalry and are going to be motivated to go into every game against Green Bay make sure they come out victorious.

McPhee continued:

"This game, it can get real personal, when you are winning it is all fun. When you are losing it is very personal. I think the last two games we lost, Denver and Minnesota, a lot of guys took it upon themselves that this going in that this Green Bay game was going to be personal."

This Bears team clearly has the right mentality to make a playoff run. Whether they can get it done is still up for debate, but it certainly makes for an interesting December. With quotes like this from McPhee, it’s clear the Bears aren’t going to go down quietly.