ESPN Announces ’85 Chicago Bears 30 for 30; TRAILER


Mark it on your calendars, Bears fans.

ESPN has announced that they will debut a new 30 for 30 on the 1985 Chicago Bears on January 28, 2016 (9pm ET). The documentary will air just two days after the thirtieth anniversary of the Bears Super Bowl XX victory over the New England Patriots.

This is must-see-TV for Bears fans because the 30 for 30 series has proven that they do an excellent job diving into these subject matters, but they don’t sugarcoat these stories. You can expect it to be not all positives. They’ll address the dominance and the label of the ‘greatest team of all-time,’ but you can certainly expect that they’ll dive into the one-year wonder aspect, how the team derailed in the following seasons, the conflict between Buddy Ryan and Mike Ditka, and of course the pain and anguish that many of the members have faced since their football careers have ended.

Regardless, you can expect a fantastic television program that will be riveting to any NFL fan and can’t miss for any Bears fans. Check out the trailer below.