Ten Most Interesting Facts from ESPN’s 30 for 30: “The ’85 Bears”

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  1. If you didn’t tear up during this documentary you are a monster

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I really didn’t expect this documentary to pull on the heartstrings, but wow did it ever. I knew Buddy Ryan wasn’t very healthy. We all know about the tragic deaths of Walter Payton and Dave Duerson. So when they address these tragic stories, but ones you are very familiar with, you certainly don’t think they can stir up emotion.

But listening to those players talk about Walter Payton, seeing Mike Singletary walk away after reading Buddy Ryan’s letter, I was sucked in and the old wounds of a Bears fan were opened. I felt like I was feeling those same difficult emotions as Singletary, McMichael, and the rest of the team. I didn’t expect this type of emotion from this documentary and I was blindsided. Director Jason Hehir really outdid himself in this aspect of the story. Well done, sir, a tip of a cap to you.